Make Peace
with Your History

I am an Inner Guide for people in transitions,
helping them discover and honour
the internal essence of who they are

Make Peace
with Your History

I am an Inner Guide for people in transitions, helping them discover and honour the internal essence of who they are

I am a Inner Guide for people in transitions…

… helping you discover and honour your internal essence through counselling, workshops and retreats. Find peace and discover wisdom within—disentangle from familial and cultural conditioning, and habits. Value the unique one that you are and hold on to your internal integrity. Unearth your authentic flavour of a Soul in human form. Learn to love your body, the vessel that contains your Soul.

In psychospiritual counselling, you make peace with your past, the two lineages you were born into and all that happened. Together, an inner environment is created where healing can happen through a safe, trusted, and healing container. Flow, vitality and relaxation are the result from releasing blocks and stuck energy. Allow me to support you to become aware of what’s in the way; process feelings, digest and integrate your life experiences.

Awaken your life, live on purpose and develop awareness by connecting to your body, your inner experience and life all around you. Learn to trust your experience and cultivate intuitive clarity. With patience, you develop self trust to express yourself with integrity. Manage the self-critic and self-doubt by being authentic and having the courage to stand by what you value.

I offer beautiful containers and safe spaces for those seeking healing, visioning and integration. I trust the unfolding process for the innate wisdom within each person to lead the way.

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