Psychospiritual is a blend of working with our psychology and our spirituality.

Psychospiritual Counseling

What is it? 

Psychospiritual counselling stretches you to move beyond your limitations, freeing you from the emotional entrapments of regrets, disappointments, guilt and shame. Instead of resisting or running from what is difficult to accept, I support you to turn toward yourself and work through your dark shadow elements. Understand why your life is not working. Lean in, get curious and explore somatically what is happening in your body. Acceptance of where you are is the starting point. You can only move forward toward what you want by getting honest with yourself about the inner conflicts you feel in the present. No one can do it alone. We all need help to move through the resistance that is natural to this process of self reclamation. Let me assist your inner journey of becoming an alchemist, transmuting lead (your armour and defences) into gold (connection to your soul). The connection you seek in the outside world is really your search for the light of your soul within. Create your life from the inside out.

How it works?

The grooves of your psychological imprints are so deeply embedded into your nervous system that to truly live your soul’s purpose, you need to have daily practice so that it is your Soul self that gets out of bed in the morning, not the conditioned false self. Daily ritual to honour and connect with Self is necessary if you want to live a life of integrity. Otherwise its a given, your old self and beliefs are in the driver’s seat—not you! Get honest about what is working and not working in your life. What are you willing to do to feel the way you want to feel? What is your intention—what does your body want to stretch towards in working with me?

You need to confront everything that is within you. Nobody really want to do this. We all need help to meet what is so difficult to be with—only then will it transform. The medicine is to allow what is, and bring kindness to it. You are the alchemist that creates an inner environment where healing can happen. In the process of learning to take care of your own needs you discover self trust. Self-trust is where the gold is.

Sessions are one to two hours in length and done in-person in my studio, or on the phone, or through zoom. It’s important to commit to the process to see results, hence my offering of a package of ten sessions. Call today and get started.

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